What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is believed to be as old as history itself as we know this treatment was practiced in India and China more than 3000 years ago, and in Egypt a wall painting was found depicting reflexology hand and foot pressure massage in the tomb of the physicians dating back to 2330 BC.
It was basically established in its modern day form in America by the physician Dr. William Fitzgerald (1872-1942), he offered practical courses and seminars and an increased number of believers and followers began trusting this ancient therapy. Many practitioners followed suit and improved upon the therapy over the years and it has become a specialized field in its own right.

It is a non-invasive therapy that deals with the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands, ears and body, wherein all the body systems are mirrored. The reflexes are stimulated by using our fingers and thumbs which in turn assists the body to maintain physiological balance and health, working towards normalization of function.

By understanding the body well and using integrated, strategic thinking reflexology can be utilized as a wonderful tool to keep the body in balance.

What can Reflexology do?

The mechanism of reflexology results in changes in body physiology and stimulates the defense mechanism and healing potential.

Reduces feelings of stress and calms and soothes

Relaxes mind and body

Encourages elimination


Improves circulation

Assist the body in maintaining a balanced state

Gives the recipient a feeling of wellbeing

What to expect?

The practitioner will ask questions and take a complete case history regarding the overall health of the patient on the initial consultation. A consent form has to be signed by the recipient, acknowledging the effects of Reflexology.

You only need remove your footwear and roll up your pants to your knees (or sleeves to your elbow) and a complete assessment of your feet, and possibly the way you walk, will be required. The treatment starts off with relaxation techniques followed by a full treatment of feet, hands, ears and body, up to the knees and elbows.

Some reflexes may initially feel sensitive (varying in degree for each individual) but the practitioner will work according to your pain threshold and only minor discomfort should be experienced if any . Sensitivity will also vary from therapy to therapy.

The therapist operates in a comfortable, clean and relaxed environment and will continually explain the therapy to you. Light background music may be played to enhance relaxation, but this will only be played at a low volume.

What to expect after a treatment?

There are no contra-indications to Reflexology as such but there could be a possible response to the treatment. This is due to the changing body physiology which could initiate a healing response.

It is therefore important to drink a lot of water after the treatment to assist detoxification.

Your reflexologist will discuss the possible Immediate and delayed responses (up to 48 hours) after the treatment.

With many successes in my reflexology practice over the last ten years and my passion for teaching others I have been fortunate enough to support the individual with their health concerns and helping them take the steps needed to improve their well-being.
Looking forward to meeting all who want to take that journey with me.
Ina Clarke RCRT
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